The Campus 

Tucked in the Green Mountains of Vermont, an old, white-framed house sits beside a waterfall. Over the rhythm of the flowing water, the sound of pianos playing converges from all directions. What seems at first like a remote and deserted place reveals itself to be a veritable hive of activity centered around a love for the piano. Twenty-eight studios are hidden in these woods as well as a concert hall. And each summer, 30 select participants from around the world come to experience 'total piano' at the Adamant Music School. 

Piano Facilities 


The 28 private piano studios each contain at least one grand piano (mostly Steinways) and are located off trails in the woods of the 200-acre campus. 


There are numerous performance opportunities in the Adamant Community Hall, a performance space that contains two Steinway grand pianos. 

Living Arrangements 


Barney Hall is a former pool hall, parsonage, and lodging house that now holds the Dining Hall, practice studio, bedrooms, and daily activities for the school. Residences include 5 student residences with private bedrooms. 


All meals are covered – breakfast is self-service and lunch and evening meals are prepared by our very own chef. 

Faculty and participants are housed together in buildings throughout the campus. In order to keep costs at a minimum, all participants share in simple housekeeping chores including washing dishes in a commerical dishwasher, dining hall clean-up, keeping rooms tidy, and helping to clean and tidy common areas. Rules supplementing the school's standards are decided by consensus in the first week. Coin operated laundry facilities are available on campus at a modest charge. The Adamant co-op, one of the nations oldest cooperative grocery stores, is just a short walk from the campus and can provide many necessities. Wi-fi is also available.

Recreational Activities 
  • Swimming and boating in Adamant Pond

  • Cycling, walking and hiking on trails and dirt roads

  • The listening room contains hundreds of CDs and LPs available from the Music Library in Barney Hall.



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