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Sustaining Membership 


Become a Sustaining Member of the Adamant Music School . Your automatic monthly contribution of $5 or more is easy and convenient for you and provides reliable support for the Adamant Music School.


In 1921, Edwine Behre founded the Modern Piano School in New York City. The Modern Piano School, also known as Edwine Behre and Associates, was a loose collaboration of professional piano teachers headed by Behre. Twenty years later, in 1942, the Adamant Music School, a residential summer program for pianists, was founded by Edwine Behre together with her friends Alice Mary Kimball and Harry Godfrey. For more on the founding of the School, read about its history here.


As the piano programs grew and prospered, a more formal organizational structure was needed. In 1955, Behre Piano Associates was incorporated to manage the Adamant Music School, and in 1959 the organization was designated a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization by the IRS. For over 60 years, Behre Piano Associates, Inc. has been operating the Adamant Music School in Adamant, Vermont.


The Executive Committee members of Behre Piano Associates, Inc., charged with operating the organization are listed here. Donations to the organization are tax deductible, and membership cost is nominal. 


Members are entitled to attend the Adamant Music School concerts (except for special events) at no charge; concerts are held on the School's campus in the Adamant community Hall during the summer months. Members receive all mailings and event notifications from the School. Non-members fee to attend the concerts is $10.00 ($6.00 for seniors and students). Membership for a Single member is $20.00; Any two members living at the same address, $25.00; and Family membership is $30.00. To join Behre Piano Associates, send your check for the required amount to the Adamant Music School, PO Box 22, Adamant VT 05640. Membership is renewed annually.