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The Adamant Music School was founded in 1942 by Edwine Behre, a pianist and teacher from New York. Along with her friends, Alice Mary Kimball and Harry Godfrey, she established a colony where pianists came to study the piano, to share in their passion for music, and live in a closeknit community. The school grew to include teachers such as Emma Dressler and Frieda Rosenblatt in the early years. Over the decades, through the generosity of Frank Suchomel, the school expanded its property holdings to.........

to include 25 practice studios located in the woods with vintage grand pianos, as well as six residences to house our participants and faculty. Our faculty has also expanded to include some of the most outstanding artists throughout the world, including Menahem Pressler and John O’Conor. Today,
Adamant attracts talented performers and auditors from all over the world to study the art of piano andshare in the joy of music-making.
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