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Donations to the Adamant Music School

In 1955, Behre Piano Associates was incorporated to manage the Adamant Music School, and in 1959 the organization was designated a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization by the IRS.

For over 60 years, Behre Piano Associates, Inc. has been operating the Adamant Music School in Adamant, Vermont. Donations to the organization are tax deductible.


We have noticed that many non-profit organizations are using the Internet to solicit contributions. The nice thing about our School is that it has no fundraising expenditures. Every dollar taken in goes directly to finance the day-to-day operations and any excess, if any, will be added to our endowment, which at the moment is smaller than we would like.

The facilities that the School now utilizes consist of almost 200 acres with some fifty buildings. HIstorically, we pay substantial real estate taxes. We try to set our fees for the various sessions so that we can at least break even. But our participants do not pay real estate taxes, repairs to buildings or instruments, nor do they pay for the instruments themselves.


We now insure our pianos for half a million dollars and, needless to say, the participants do not pay our insurance premiums either. Of course our other facilities, buildings and furnishings are also insured and again our participants do not pay these. Obviously, if any participant had to pay for all the expenses that the School incurs, his (or her) tuition would be unbearable. Thank goodness for our current contributors and we hope to get more in the future.

Please consider becoming a friend of our school so that it can continue to offer a haven for our finest pianists. Thank you for any donation you are able to give.



When using credit or debit cards up to 4% of your
donation goes to processing fees.
By using Zelle, AMS will receive the
full amount of your contribution.


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