The Adamant Music School was founded in 1942 in the unincorporated village of Adamant, Vermont, eight miles north of the state capitol of Montpelier. Edwine Behre, Alice Mary Kimball, and Harry Godfrey created the school as a refuge for Edwine Behre's New York City piano students – a place to concentrate on piano in pleasant rural surroundings, away from the stress and concerns of the city.  


The village of Adamant has seen many changes over the years. First known as Sodom, and housing a thriving granite quarry, the village now houses the premier center for piano study in the Northeast – the Adamant Music School. 


The Adamant Music School was founded to promote noncompetitive piano study in an atmosphere of cooperative living, and it still lives by these values today. The school honors its founders and its links to the Vermont community, and thus continues the connections made in 1942. 

The Founders
The Executive Committee and staff

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